Eagle Profiles, LLC

R. Frank Cremeens

Over 30 years of experience working with customers to find the best solution for manufacturing needs.

In order to assist in the challenge of meeting world-wide challenges, it is important to understand a customer’s needs and work with a company that has the engineering and production expertise to provide exactly what is desired.

 The critical point is that the purpose is not to “Sell Steel”, but to look for methods of reducing Final Part Costs.

Parts can be made from multiple processes: Machining, Cold Drawing, Metal Injection, Forged, Extruded, Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled.  The most difficult task can be deciding which process is the most effective in regards to cost and manufacturing difficulty.  This is where experience comes in.

Although my main specialty is Cold Drawing, I have many contacts in all of the other areas to assist in going to the most effective method for your application.

Machining from a “Near Net” shape has the potential to reduce a number of costing factors.  The area I am most familiar with is with Cold Drawn Special Shapes.  Although all of the “shaping” methods are effective and excel in various ways,

Cold Drawing provides the most benefits by:

Increase Capacity by spending less time doing “grunt work”


Main Principle is Keystone Profiles, LTD   Producer of Cold Drawn products in Carbon, Alloy (Commercial and Aircraft) Stainless, Tool Steels, Inconnel 690, Nuclear-Cobalt, and many others such as Gun Quality